Meteor Garden Episode 7: The Fashion Outtakes

Why is Daoming Si wearing a Star of David necklace? Is it a religious statement? Is he Jewish, Hindu, Mormon, or a follower of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation? Is it to match his celestial jacket?!

Wait, Frenemy #1 is rocking one too! Is it Hannukah? And Frenemy #2 has a little Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman in her with that hair and brooch, but I'm sure she's less helpful.

There's no fashion here, but F2's manorexic bods are giving me body image issues. Please put some clothes on. And eat a pork chop. Or two. Nathan, where are you?

Ximen is really a fan of the shrunken sweaters and long shirts. Not my favorite, the sweater is a little superhero-esque, but I don't hate it. Meizuo… I'm digging the turtleneck and leather jacket, but why are you wearing my dad's sweatpants and shoes? Or is he taking shoe fashion cues from Shancai? So close...

DMS can do no wrong in his silver and black damask jacket, and a crisp white, button down collared shirt is a basic layer that always works.

And can we talk about his AMAZING red coat?! I need this in my life. Seriously.

I mean, he looks like a caped superhero ready to kick some Tweedledum and Tweedledee ass!

This seems like a bit much for home though. Perhaps he thought there was no way Shancai could resist his soft pompadour and Hugh Hefner robe? That smile though...makes up for that sad, wilted flower.

Looks like Meizuo changed out of his peacock blue turtleneck and leather jacket. Why he thought it was okay to keep the dad pants and shoes, I'm not sure... but this new outfit is definitely something my dad would wear. Pairs nicely with the folded hands behind the back. #dadgoals.


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