Meteor Garden Episode 13: The Fashion Outtakes

DMS's Camel Active x Jonny Fu squash outfit comes with a matching off the shoulder, pin-striped jacket. As outrageous as some as his outfits are, he makes them work. I'm not so sure about this one...

Here's what it looks like from the front. I still don't get it. I'm appreciating the layering with the white hoodie though.

DMZ Fashion Tip: Want to take your outfit to the next level? Add a cape. Works every time.

Does DMZ request for all the books upstairs to be re-arranged so that they match her OOTD? I'm not hating Shancai's outfit here. Clearly no match compared to DMZ, but at least she's staying away from those awkward knit sweaters of hers...

Like this one.

On the flip side, she is so cute here, when she practices being all lady-like in front of the besties. So kawaii in her navy duffle coat, striped sweater, and button up with lady bugs on the collar. I just want to pick her up and put her in my pocket, she's so damn adorable... And because I could be more lady-like, I'm also going to start folding my hands like that. ("Tee-hee", with my hands covering my mouth).

Back at the Daoming compound... What's that all over DMZ's cold-shoulder sweater? Red envelopes? Chinese couplets?

Nevermind, they are just patches. LOL. Wide-leg, green velvet palazzo pants. Stylist must have just come from styling Meizuo. 
Meizuo's been laying low for a few episodes, but he's baaaaaaack... Chanel does make everyone look better, but not this time. Swap the turtleneck for a crewneck or a tee.

Really Meizuo. Pharrell knows.

Does Lei perm his hair? How does it get so much body?... Loving the racing stripe on the turtleneck, such a nice touch. And the white coat? Yes please!


I think it must be fall at Meteor Garden, because everyone is wearing earth tones! Especially in love with Ximen's coat.

Even the frenemies got the palette change memo.

Tian Ye too, in this jacket that looks oh-so-snuggly. Too bad no one wants to snuggle with him.

Papa Dong is on trend too! He can't contain his excitement!

Unfortunately, the pastel posse did not get the memo. I guess they really wanted to match their product placement drinks.


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