Meteor Garden Episode 15: The Fashion Outtakes

All I want to do when I see this is sing, "Baby shark do do do do do do..."

The hair, the jacket, the suspenders, the color coordination... Xiao Long already has more style cred than Shancai and her Dora backpack.

Wisdom too.

Do he and Lei share the same hairstylist?

Is it me, or did this encounter not seem entirely coincidental?

I do love Caina's coat though... And of course Meizuo is in another turtleneck and wide-leg pants.

The reverse shades are new. He makes it work.

The infamous glove next to her shoes. She seems like she's going to be a bit high-maintenance...

Although any guy who wears sneaks like that is probably a bit high-maintenance himself... Are those eyes all over them?

Caina's cold-shoulder top is cute, but I'm already getting a little bored of it all. Her tassle earrings provide a much-needed pop of color to this situation.... She's got the high-maintenance pout down.

Not sure she will be content being constantly overshadowed by Meizuo's bold fashion choices. I mean, look at these sleeves! They can multi-task as oven gloves and/or mittens!

AND would make such a cute sweater dress for me!... Lei and Ximen? Yes and yes.

Even Lei has sleeve envy.

Wow, those girls are really short.

Ximen's yellow sweater is so small, I didn't even know it was there... and you must have been inspired by the main on the Raisin Bran commercial with his aggressive yellow. Baby fit, but still bold.
Image result for raisin bran banana commercial

DMS, your peacock blue jacket is amazing!!!

SO MUCH VOLUME. Mousse? Volumizer? Unfortunately the big hair makes him look extra skinny and pale here. I'm still not convinced that F4 are NOT vampires...

Nice color coordination with the product placement though.

Sorry DMS, you know I love you and all, but I need to get that image out of my head. Back to my happy place...

Considering that denim top, Xinhui? No. Just no... Looks like Baihe needs to go tanning with DMS. Hard to tell where her leg ends and the wall begins, it all just sort of blends together...

What is this??? Did Shancai go shopping with Lei? The coat and sweater... Yes, girl. It makes us smile with you. AWA-approved!

Let's pop on over to Canada to celebrate the new year, shall we?... Now I'm not in the snow much, but do people really roll their luggage through it? Just doesn't seem practical nor efficient...

I like the matchy matchy hats on the Bobbsey Twins. Need to put this on my Xmas list...

And these guys... Meizuo is using the cold as an excuse to wear even bigger and baggier clothes! Are you trying to spell something else out for us on your sleeve? WHAT?... I'm also going to say no to the matching beanie, sunglasses, and turtleneck.

How many layers does Meizuo have on? Good god. Lovin Ximen's chateau athleisure look the best.

Must be too cold for pineapple hair in Canada! That's okay, you still look good! Extreme attention to detail, accessorizing his earring stud to match his turtleneck.  Noted, and appreciated, Ah Si.

Cute sweater, Shancai. You can probably take the hat off though. You're inside.

She looks so cute here! I want her snuggly sweatshirt.

Ladies, WHY are you wearing denim in the snow? I mean, there's a slight chance that they are snow denim, but highly doubtful... And that's probably the saddest snowman I've ever seen. 😔

Lei, can I borrow that sweater this winter?... Another extreme example of attention to detail, matching the nude turtleneck with the sweater. The lace-up fairy almost got to Shancai...

As much as I am not a fan of the Frenemies, I'm digging their ski house attire.


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