Meteor Garden: Episode 15 - O Canada

Netflix Synopsis: Business soars at the tea shop, thanks to Lei, Ximen and Meizuo, giving Shancai a chance to holiday in Canada, where she and Ah Si continue to bicker.

Oh - What is that teal velourness that DMS is layering on top of his red sweatshirt? And the Star of David is back. Did you know that the Star of David represents the merging of the male and the female, and the elements of fire and water?  So appropriate here with the colors and DMS's hetero hopes for the merge. So he's dressed to impress on his date with Shancai, but she shows up 10 min late in her Charlie brown not-a-hottie sweater with a little third wheel buddy named Xiao Long in tow. DMS is not impressed, but off to the zoo they go.

Not happy to share Shancai with the little brat, DMS probably sees a little bit of himself in that boy, or maybe a little bit of Lei (that hair!) and comes around, even lifting the boy atop of his shoulders to view a tiger. You can see Shancai melt a little when she sees this. I mean, wouldn't you?
Xiao Long falls asleep on DMS's back and as she tries to help DMS out by offering to carry a stuffed animal, he makes a Rico Suave move and holds her hand. Love the slow-mo camera action here. Squeal-able moment, right before she goes in for the WHY interrogation.

WHY did he lend her money,
WHY did he support her in the competition.
WHY is he spending the day with her.

WHY is she asking all of these stupid questions? Is she really that clueless? I can't decide if it's annoying that she doesn't know, or is it good that she's trying to communicate and understand his feelings. Somehow she is able to express herself pretty clearly when she says that he's a bipolar, manic-depressive guy who can't talk normally and likes to shout. So what if that's true. He's still DMS, which could also be an acronym for Definitely Major Swaaaag, or Damn! Mega Superstar!

And for the record, I think "Because you're stupid" could be an appropriate response to so many of her questions.  Another appropriate response to her interrogation involves Xiao Long peeing on DMS's back.  Come on, all that potty talk.... Hard to tell if DMS is more annoyed by Xiao Long peeing on him, or by Shancai. Either way, he storms off like a little kid himself.

Yes, please Shancai, do whatever it takes to get Xiao Long to stop crying. Apparently all it takes is some strawberry cake to turn that frown upside down (always works for me!) and to turn the little boy into a wise sage. Maybe he is Lei...!

OH- I thought the crying was annoying enough in this episode, but no. We cut to Tian in a restaurant touting his lobster dish, and Caina looking through the window. Hmmmm, what's next? She calls her dad and basically tells him that Tian is not the one. "Thank U, Next!" I'm so F'n grateful for my...oh hey now, here comes Meizuo. Watch out! He's poppin that collar and droppin lines like he's from Swingers. Is it fate? Is it more than just their matching lip stain?

Is it that he's looking for one black glove, Michael Jackson style to coordinate with his turtlenecks? He seems like he's man enough to rock the ruffles. It does kind of go with the black stripe down the back of his blue coat...
Meizuo is in full on playa mode as he suggests that she buy him a drink, and off they go. The dancing in the background of their conversation is SPEC-TAC-U-LAR! There's dabbing, there's limp fist pumps, awkward snapping to music that's so dance-worthy that the DJ can only hear it through his own headphones.

That said, the dancing is way more interesting than Meizuo's game...

Let's bring the boys back, shall we?  F4 are shooting the breeze, playing cards in the man cave and catching up.  Aces all around for the wardrobe choices around the table - even Ximen's 70s plaid key-lime ensemble is notable.  But the king of hearts goes to DMS who is wearing a sweater with delicate clouds, birds, and stars on it. So. Badass. And that peacock blue coat? DMS for the win, just inching out Lei with his cream contender.
MAJOR side eye from DMS when they call him out on his bad temper. That's true brotherhood for you, when they tell you your  sh*t really does stank.

Back at the tea shop Shancai catches up with boba bestie and they're stressed about not hitting their sales target and getting their bonus.  Ximen is prowling on Xiaoyou, and Shancai is not having it.

But good news, the boys are going to F3 their way into girls' hearts and into their pockets and get them to buy more tea from the shop. Handsome sells. And if you're Meizuo - you don't even really need your hands to sell either. Maybe that tea is really hot!

So the boys helped the girls earn their bonus, and instead of accepting their money, or invitation to dinner, Lei suggests that they use the money to have fun and go to Canada to ring in the new year.  Sounds good, eh?

Shancai is worried about her fight with Ah Si and is concerned that it could be awkward.  She's the Queen Bey of awkward. Why would this be any different? Shancai - stop acting like Single Ladies. Go to Canada and get Drunk in Love before Ah Si tells you to go To the Left, To the Left.

She's undecided, but DMS calls her up and tells her that if she goes, then he's staying behind. But then he gets even more dramatic by saying to Shancai that she can't go to Canada. Well that's reverse psychology for you, so of course she's going to go.

F3 witness this tantrum and are frustrated with him as well, since they invested their time in helping her earn the money to go on this trip.  He insists that he's not going to go, so F3 leave a very pouty DMS behind to go pack.

Shancai and boba bestie flaunt their livin their best life NYE vacation plans on social media, and DMS is falling into the social media pit of jealously and #FOMO. It does seem weird that they plan to stay at his house and he's not even going to be there...or is he?

They haven't been around much, but the frenemies are back and they want in too. Sigh.

So F3, the frenemies, Shancai and boba bestie arrive at the Canadian chateau. Nice that DMS rolled out the welcome wagon for them. He really is a superhero or a vampire, because no human can bring back so many individual cups of ice cream without magical powers.

Is it me, or are the servants a little creepy? They just stand in the back, not making a peep, looking down, and avoiding eye contact...
It's a little reminiscent of Get Out...

Couldn't love Lei more as he breaks the awkwardness and joins DMS at the fireplace for some ice cream.

I do want to point out that DMS is the only F4 member who doesn't necessarily wear a solid colored turtleneck. His mottled black and white version sets him apart, like a boss.

Ah Si and Shancai go at it, but then Meizuo speaks up and interrupts. I mean - you can't look at him and his sun specs and not chuckle. It certainly helps to break the tension. But it's Lei who says it best when he tells them to stop flirting.

If you're not going to admit that DMS is handsome to your best friend, then I guess it makes sense that you would suggest to go outside for a snowball fight in your jeans. I mean wet, cold jeans are the worst. You see, none of this is logical.

DMS watches the snowball action from above, and Lei pensively asks why he and Shancai just can't get along. DMS feels like he's the victim and he's so angry. I have to admit that even I'm annoyed at him for tripping Shancai at the door. Was that really necessary? His immaturity is really embarrassing everyone at the house and making me uncomfortable.

It's well into the evening and Shancai starts playing a video game, but then puts her phone down and looks for Xiaoyou.  Snow is falling outside and she first runs into Lei, who doesn't seem to know who Xiaoyou is, which seems odd, and then the frenemies who tell Shancai that they saw her leave the house about 10 min before to check out the night view. Doesn't she know not to trust girls who wear scrunchies in their hair and try on patchwork denim??

It's snowing outside and Shancai runs out to find Xiaoyou in the blizzard. Lei follows her into the night...


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