Meteor Garden Episode 16: The Fashion Outtakes

Cheers to turtlenecks and snuggly sweaters!

And to Ximen's ski-house-sommelier outfit which is a nice contrast to his Harry Potter glasses.

As much as I hate these biatches, I do love their chateau-wear!

Baihe deserves this 100%, but I feel bad for the cashmere...

No thermals, DMS? A bit nipply? He is the tannest here against the white snow.

Seriously Shancai, why were you wearing jeans in the snow? DMS: Even after braving a blizzard, saving her life, and now carrying her home, he still looks like he could be walking the runway.

Even with his furry hood, I wouldn't want to mess with DMS here. He looks like a mob boss with his two hitmen behind him. Again, amazing hair volume.

One wearing a jacket that looks like it's part Cookie Monster...

And the other in what looks like a plaid shirtdress...

I love Xiayou's ice blue sweater here. Goes well with the knit hat she hasn't taken off the entire trip. It looks extra big on her head...

As if the front of Lei's sweater wasn't cool enough, there's a friggin' wolf on the back! Soft and fuzzy in the front, no BS in the back. Just like Lei.

Aww, these two finally match!

Seriously, these are your cleaning outfits? As part of their punishment, they should have had to wear some of Shancai's sweaters.

I know...
Cut to a random montage of everyone having the best time in the snow! DMS, where are your gloves?! You look cool, but your hands are turning purple from the cold!

Xinhui probably took his gloves. Ugh, why do they get to go out and take selfies? Go back inside and clean the bathrooms.

They don't deserve to laugh and have fun like this... Did everyone go skiing after they scooted down the mini hill on their butts? And the yellow outfits...they look like they should be picking up trash off the side of the freeway. This is what the biatches should have been wearing cleaning the house.

Back in Shanghai... Ximen is practicing the art of mix and match.

I love this DMS signature red and black sweater because it looks like upside down hearts all over.

We love you too.


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