Meteor Garden Episode 17: The Fashion Outtakes

The girls are in the park reminiscing about their Canada holiday. Xiaoyou's Steve Zissou hat just reminds me of a big nipple. Your Canada beanie was so much better...

These two are doing the same at Lei's house. Check out the photo of himself on his nightstand... DMS's sweater is a study in texture galore, while Lei's has these strange green shreds hanging from the elbow. Not my favorites, but at least nothing reminds me of a nipple.

At the high school reunion, Shancai is wearing her Miss Prim and Proper Ladybug outfit. Didn't we just see those jeans at the park? And Qinghe is wearing the lace-up jacket that I hate so much. You'd be so much cooler if you just stuck with your Golden State Warriors gear.

I mean, look at this. Judging from their reactions, everyone else feels the same.

Harsh, but true...

What's everyone wearing at The Cafe Kacao? It looks like it's Turtleneck Tuesday! Meizuo's in his peacock blue one and an interesting blazer. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet...

Lei's matching his to his hair and complementing with his lovely camel coat.

DMS is rocking his signature red one while he leaves a message for all of the disappointed girls who didn't get to go to Canada.

Ximen didn't get the turtleneck memo, but decided to take it up a notch by bringing out the brooch. F4 may be the only guys who can pull this off. Maybe. Maybe not.

Okay, maybe Pharrell too. But only because it's all Chanel...
Me want it all!

Looks like Xiaoyou swapped out the nip-hat for a yellow cardi instead. Much better!... DMS put on his houndstooth coat with the pimp purple velvet hood that we saw back at the ShanLei card faceoff... Interesting that High School Homie is wearing purple as well, but his bomber and outfit are IMO, a snoozer.

Woah, look at all the leg she's showing. Isn't January in Shanghai still pretty damn cold?
Looks like some hoodlum cut off Meizuo's sleeves! Who would do such a thing?!

I'd like this outfit more without the pimp hood, but he makes it work nonetheless. Yes, to all the red details

Those are definitely the shoes of someone who just kicked a stranger's ass and feels a teeny tiny bit of remorse.

I am convinced these headbands come with her wigs.

Ooh, Meizuo. I'm so glad you replaced your vandalized coat with this red beauty. LOVE IT. You're probably wearing your dad pants, or my dad's pants, but I don't care!... Is Lei reading a book about violins in fran├žais? Impressionant! Just like that distressed long cardi. Can't decide if it's a meemaw or pepaw sweater.

DMS's quilted top almost makes him look softer. Good when you are about to apologize to the girl who's friend you just beat up. Should've used the mousse instead of the gel today...

Back at school... 
  • Ximen: In the plaid coat that I love so much, but also in the mankerchief that I hate so much. 
  • DMS: We haven't seen him in something other than black and red, maybe he's trying to convey that he's changed? Loving that he's also wearing a plaid coat with the coziest looking collar.
  • Lei: Got the Turtleneck Thursday memo and I love it all.
  • Meizuo: Well, everyday is Turtleneck day for him, but he has a new coat that we haven't seen. His pants are so wide and so white that you don't know where one ends and one begins. Maybe he does this to give the illusion of a longer silhouette. I mean, he does look taller than everyone here, so it's working!  But the prettiest girl at Mingde at the cooking competition may want her pants back.

Wait, this has lace-up sleeves too? NOOOOOOO... I expect it from Qinghe, but you too?

The B medallion is just a smidge too much for school, dontcha think?

We all know I hate the mankerchief and v-necks on guys, but look how skinny it makes him look - and not in a good way. And I don't say that very often.

Not fashion related, but I've noticed this a few times already. Why is there an I after "University"?

I'm not getting a good vibe from this guy. I'm not even going to bother to learn his name. He clearly goes to Lei's hairdresser who forgot to get rid of the side burns that accentuate his ears. Wow, they are big.

His outfit makes him look pear-shaped. I guess black isn't always so slimming...

DMS could be describing him instead...

As if Meizuo's sleeves weren't interesting enough! Look at the back! His outfits are always a treasure trove of unexpected details.

I still can't see his feet. LOL. And how does he keep his whites so bright?  Where's the product placement when you need it the most.

Ugh, this guy again. With his hoodie and leather jacket, it's like he's trying to emulate DMS. No way, Jose. Never. Why can't she see through this???


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