Meteor Garden: Episode 3 - First kiss

Netflix Synopsis: Shancai sees a different side of Ah Si when he visits her at her family home. In Sanya, she overhears Lei and Tengtang Jing discussing their past.

It starts with Jing killing Shancai with kindness, offering to help clean up her up, telling her that Ah-Si is a good guy, and coyly avoiding any response to Shancai asking her if she likes Lei. That silence does her no the pinkish-red eye shadow she's wearing. Jing is pretty perceptive as she states with a smile that Shancai must be very important to Lei, to have him be so agitated. 

Jing says that "Girls should always be clean, stylish"...I'm taking a little offense to that because it seems sexist and why shouldn't boys always be clean and stylish - they in general also smell <insert Chanel product placement here>. But I totally agree with the statement that "Girls should always have a nice pair of shoes, because they can take you to beautiful places." And hey, why stop at one pair?

Banana bestie invites Shancai to spend spring break at his family's villa for holiday, and as he plans their getaway - she faints.  She's recovering at home when DMS shows up. You are certainly embarrassed for her as her parents completely fawn over DMS - but can you really blame them? He brings over a gift basket, charms her parents and comes over to apologize. Shancai isn't buying the act...but we are eating it up. One. DMS Spoonful. At. A. Time.

Shancai tries so hard to throw him off - but he doesn't falter.  You catch her looking at DMS in a slightly less hateful way and you've got to love her parents for forcing her to walk him out.  I love how he says he never lies, especially when he says "I'm not happy at all." Insert heart twang'n music. I love how he holds her hand back with one arm, and checks her forehead with the other for her temperature. The intense, concerned glare - you really can't get enough. The height difference makes her look up at him and you can't help but wish you were in her shoes, or maybe Jing's because they're probably nicer.

So then this goes back to 3rd grade - when supposedly if a boy insults you, then it means he really likes you. He calls her an idiot for getting a fever on such a hot day, so you know he's really into her.  So DMS wants to know what she's doing over holiday and asks if she's interested in going to Hawaii. Who doesn't love Hawaii? I love Hawaii. I'll go to Hawaii. But you know how this goes...she doesn't have the money, he offers to pay, she refuses, and says she has plans with banana bestie.  Of course they insult each other back and forth, but the best part is when she walks away and DMS calls her out that she's going in the wrong direction. LOVE.

DMS storms home and decides that he's not going to go to know where this is going. Banana bestie and Shancai go to his family's villa and you see them yelling at the shoreline, taking selfies, living out their platonic dreams, and then you see a luxury yacht gliding by with F4 sunning atop of it. Jing invites them to a party and drags Shancai to shore to get ready and also invites her to her birthday party.

Your heart squeals when you see DMS look up and watch Shancai walking into the party scene. You see Lei look too and all eyes are on her. She looks down, obviously looking awkward, and F4 publicly comments on the magic of a makeover and DMS seems completely distracted. When F4 asks DMS for validation on how pretty she is, DMS says "you're exaggerating, she looks fine." SQUEAL!

She continues to look awkward and glances at Lei, and you see DMS looking at her, looking at Lei and Jing. The classic love triangle, or trapezoid, whatever.  Of course the DJ makes the corny comment about finding someone you want to kiss when the lights go out. Slow-mo to DMS walking towards Shancai, and Shancai looking less than thrilled, blinking her eyes like there's a sandstorm at the beach.  OF course there's a girl who knocks Shancai into DMS and they fall onto the sand and their lips touch. Was it a kiss?  Hmmm...


The world was watching - and Shancai abruptly gets up. If you thought she was awkward before...she turns it up a notch. DMS has to make some comment about how she came onto him and almost knocked his teeth out. She looks like she's about to cry and DMS looks at her and asks if that was her first kiss. She looks at Lei, who is also looking at her, doesn't respond and walks away.

She can't believe that she had her first kiss with DMS and dreams about walking down the aisle with DMS, but when she realizes that it's him - she doesn't agree to marry him.  She wakes up from this "nightmare" and again is filled with regret and remorse. She cray.

The next morning you see F4 calling her "first kiss Shancai" and banana bestie freaks out.  BTW, smug looks good on DMS. She seems to need to explain herself to Lei, who then says he doesn't need any explanation and doesn't care who she kisses.  DMS looks distraught that Shancai cares what Lei thinks. Shancai - clearly hurt by that remark runs off again and our reward is that we get to see that intense stare from DMS again.

And Banana bestie who tries to be tough in a yellow t-shirt and short turquoise shorts, just can't. he just can't, and should really stop.  He goes to challenge DMS and they go squid fishing.  They bond, tell stories about Shancai and her video game handle, and at the end of this sojourn, DMS remarks at how awesome he is at squid fishing, but banana bestie had him beat. Sadly the bet was so lame that banana bestie can't stand next to DMS.

Shancai goes up to return Jing's clothes and eavesdrops on a conversation between Jing and Lei, in which she confronts Lei about his feelings for Shancai.  You see a different side of Lei here...a little aggressive, a little manipulative, and the scene ends with Lei pushing Jing on the bed and saying that he only cares about her. Shancai takes a tearful walk on the beach and then it flashes back to Lei and Jing on the bed, and he acknowledges that he's almost forcing her and asking why isn't she resisting? She says something about him being a man and her realizing it, and all Lei does it just sit up.

Banana bestie and DMS see Shancai crying on the beach with her red eyes, and she just says that she has sand in her eyes. Girls - we all know when that sand can get in our eyes, don't we? Intentional or not - another sweet part of this episode is when Shancai said on this sad night, her worst enemy is the person who brought her back to the warmth of life. SIGH.


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