Meteor Garden Episode 4: The Fashion Outtakes

DMS is feeling fierce. The hair, the leather, the graffiti print jeans. All that swag.
If you looked this good, you'd dance in the mirror too.
Mr. Dong was right about that tie though...

Meanwhile, back at school... Not sure I agree with Qinghe's jacket philosophy.

Why would you cut up someone's shoes and wear them? That's just plain creepy. And how did you get into her locker in the first place?

I kinda like Ximen's outfit here, shrunken jacket and all. Do he and Meizuo color coordinate in the morning?... And as for Meizuo, I am not completely hating on it (like I usually do), but those high-water pants are not doing you any favors.

Where's Lei? Ah, he's up on the roof again with Shancai. He's also wearing my future holiday sweater... And no, that does not look like her, Lei. And what's that next to her nose? Fallen lashes?

DMS is wearing my other future holiday sweater. Will wear it when I'm feeling bad-ass, but yet, festive.

Hey, it's the pink version of Lei's moth-destroyed sweater!

Meizuo went for a more fitted look here, but I can't help thinking he's missing a porn 'stache with this ensemble.

Oh Xiao You. I have no answer for you. "What?" Exactly.

The Pastel Posse is here and ready to partay. Let's start off with Qinghe, who manages to match both Shancai and Xiao You. Not his car though. That is no BMW i8 Hybrid Protonic Blue.
Umm, yeah, a little, Shancai. I'm wondering if "prairie chic" is going to be dressy enough at this soiree...

Let's see what the boys are wearing...
Fitted suits and bow ties for the win. Oh, hello Ximen... Looking good without the Harry Potter glasses. I see you've managed to wear a Hogwarts inspired patch though. I see you.

One more for posterity. (That skin!)


 P.S. This is me at every social event.

Flashback time... Lei's lighting. Every. Single. Time... Was there a special clause in his contract? I need this in my every day life.

New cable sweater. Very boy Neapolitan. Same jeans.

Now I'm normally a Lei fashion groupie, but this one is no bueno. I'll blame it on Jing, who probably made him wear this hideous cream suit... He did look pretty pleased with himself in the mirror though. Maybe because the gold accents in the room match his hair.

Wait, where's Li Zhen?! Always the second (or fourth) fiddle... I do love the late nineties Prada vibe of her dress though. Very elegant and chic, unlike the Pastel Posse. You could've done better with that bag though.

Hell no, if I paid 5998 yuan ($865 USD) for a dress, you can be sure that I'd con my way in or find another fancy party to go to. Or I'd return it. Not be lame and ruin it in the rain. Artis is definitely not going to take it back now. Oh Li Zhen, what are you thinking?! Perhaps there's a Nordstrom nearby?

And, what's the birthday girl wearing?! From afar, it looks like a pretty dress. 
Side bar: The flowers are so 😞. Just because you are a CRA doesn't mean you can buy taste...

Let's get a better view of the dress, shall we? Okay, its sheer... Very sheer.
For those of you who didn't know, this is a Dior dress. I know, because I've seen variations of it on the runway and in magazines. I also know this is a Dior dress because you CAN SEE her J'Adore briefs underneath. Don't get me wrong, I love the dress, but you don't wear this in front of your parents and other family. That's just inappropriate. Put some nude Spanx on. Save the briefs for a more suitable situation, like a fashion show, a Beyonce concert, a night out at the club, anywhere but around your parents. Or when you want to let Lei know you are serious.

Gurl, I don't care if it says J'adore, but your Calvins are showing.


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