Meteor Garden Episode 6: The Fashion Outtakes

My inner sloth wants this shirt to lounge around in.

However, if I knew I was going to be stuck in an elevator all night with this one, I'd for sure step up my sweatshirt game.

Me thinks you need to be DMS to pull this sweater off... They really do love lace-up anything over there, don't they? I suppose the men's version don't have laces that extend beyond the sleeves. 

It's Ladies Night! The Frenemies are rocking sequins, lace-up tops (see!), and leather. The dancing is terrible, but they are having the BEST time.

Meanwhile, these two are guzzling cocktails the size of their heads on the sidelines. Li Zhen is showing some collarbone and is ready to party. I am just confused by Shancai's tromp l'oeil cardigan sweatshirt.

But Thomas doesn't seem to mind.

LOOK! More lace-ups! Frenemy 1's top and Frenemy 2's skirt! (We learn that her name is Baihe, btw). I also just wanted to call out the hard part in this guy's hair. He's a terrible dancer, too.

Let's end this post with something celestial, like Daoming Si and his varsity jacket, shall we? Paired with an all black ensemble, holding a shopping bag for me and that stare? This would have made all of my high school dreams come true.


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