Meteor Garden: Episode 6- Elevator romance and ladies night!

Netflix Synopsis: After Shancai loses a card challenge against the F4, she and Ah Si wind up on a date, where an elevator mishap brings them closer.

DMS grandly opens the card duel to play whatever they want, since he's so confident that F4 will win. Winning Attitude + Winning Outfit + Winning Smile = Serious Ah-Si Swag. Banana bestie tries to cheat, and once again he just needs to stop, just STOPPPPPP. So as winner of the duel, the only thing that DMS wants is...wait for it... is for Shancai to take him to dinner.

So hop in my pocket-cute! Can we also talk about him telling her to stop pretending to not hear him?! So adorbs... Frustrated by the outcome - Shancai declares that she's just not going to go. WARNING - there are many Shancai forehead flick moments in this episode.

Cut to Shancai shopping with mom, and as annoying as mom may be, I do agree with her words of retail wisdom: "You can't rush shopping. It'll affect your decisions." #truth. She picks out a jacket for Shancai who says it's too expensive and in a true Chinese mom caring-through-criticism kind of way her mom says "I know it would look nice. Even though you aren't as pretty as your mom, your figure is acceptable." BTW - This is how Chinese moms show their affection. Shancai starts wondering if DMS is really waiting for her in the rain and runs out of the store with the jacket on.

<PAUSE> for a minute as your heart sinks and you want to reach into the TV and give DMS a warm blanket and a hug because he's out there in the cold rain waiting for Shancai. Sure she shows up, but come on...does she deserve the big hug from DMS? I think not. I believe we do, and I would reverse the order. First the warm hug, and then the blanket.

And then she tells him to let go? I can't <forehead flick>… I also can't help but wonder how his hair stayed so perfect this entire time...

He notices the price tag on her jacket and makes a cocky but optimistic comment that she bought new clothes for their date. She pushes him off...<forehead flick>...and asks him why he stayed. He says that he couldn't reach her on her phone and was concerned that she would come and couldn't find him, or that she had an accident and that he couldn't leave even when it started to rain. Ah-Si-SWOON. Take the guy out for dinner already. Geez ice queen.

Bonus points for DMS when he takes the umbrella from her to hold for the both of them.

She takes him to the mall to eat and for whatever reason, her top 2 options are closed and they decide to take the elevator to another option. You realize that the elevator is under maintenance and they are stuck inside. Just like escape room.

He reaches over her in the elevator, like he's about to go in for a kiss, but ends up crumbling onto the floor, feverish and drenched from waiting in the rain for 4 hours. Shancai shows a hint of humanity by letting him rest in her lap, and putting her jacket on top of him for warmth. He wakes up and tucks her hair behind her ear (GASP!) and apologizes that this was all his fault. He says this very sincerely before he goes into his mood and pivots the blame onto her. We're on your side DMS - we're tired and hungry too. We've gotchu.

There's some shared understanding, a rare moment of honest communication and vulnerability that happens in the elevator. You learn more about DMS's home life situation, about how his dad passed away when he was in middle school, and how he hasn't seen his mom in over 2 years, ever since she took over the family business and was too busy for him. Sensitive Shancai says it must be lonely living in such a big house by himself, and she says that if she were him, she would probably rebel. Hmmm - is this a foreshadowing moment in which you realize that they are more the same than they are different? Sensing the awkwardness she admits that it was her fault and wants to know how she can make it up to him. Somehow he musters up the strength to sit up, and leans in, and, AND, AND Shancai says "That's not what I meant..." <FOREHEAD FLICKKKKKK!>

(OK- let's for a second here put ourselves in Shancai's converse paid placement shoes. I'm honestly asking what % of people would follow Shancai's lead, and what % of people would take this rated G show up a notch to PG. If anything - she's a master at taking Ximen's advice of playing hard to get).

That doesn't necessarily stop him...not sure how I feel about that, because remember, No means no, but then the elevator door opens and she runs out! Her parents are worried sick when she comes home and she tells them the truth. Her mom gives up her phone and all is forgiven, including the big butt remark. Shancai does start to wonder if there's anyone to take care of DMS like her parents take care of her, and if his fever has gone down....
Shancai's friends are worried about her because Shancai's mom called them too, and Banana bestie is infuriated because he believes DMS is at fault. DMS carrying a shopping bag is with Ximen and Meizo in the hallway and impresses his friends with the elevator story dramatics. He's still mad at the workers for interrupting what could have been a sweet/assaulty moment.

There's a public proclamation that DMS is looking for Shancai at school and so everyone follows her out. He gives her the shopping bag in front of the school audience and she wonders what it is, and says that she won't accept a gift from him <my fingers are tired from all the forehead flicking>, and of course he's right when he says it's not a gift, but her jacket from the morning. She looks mortified like the jacket is infected with smallpox and it gets even better when he tells her to snap out of it and helps put the jacket around her shoulders. The little satisfied smile he gives is really just THE BEST. Shancai, you better turn that frown upside down.

So the rumors are spreading that they're dating and the frenemies try to plot their way into F4's good graces and invite Shancai out for a GNO (aka Ladies Night!). I'm starting to lose my patience with Shancai denying that anything is going on between her and DMS and the frenemies insist that she introduce them to DMS. Pretty sure her big ass delicious drink gets roofied by the frenemies as she staggers off to use the loo.

She sees this guy play piano and starts confusing him with Lei. Definitely some Rohypnol up in da club tonight, as she snuggles up to the long-haired, foreign piano man (Thomas) and tells him that she likes him.

You see Shancai wake up in a hotel room and unsure of where she is, she panics. There's a note that says she was drunk and to call Thomas. There are flashbacks of her dancing and incriminating photos. Her shoes are on the floor and she wonders what happened? SIGH.

She calls Thomas from school and you see DMS waiting by her locker room, looking handsome and even more so holding a shopping bag. He wonders why she's so late and she wonders why he knows her schedule. He claims that he's on his way to the administration building and likes going the long way around, and gives her the bag, with the commentary that the next time she gives him her clothes, at least make it an expensive item of clothing. That's quite possibly one of most romantic gestures a man can make for a woman. My husband would rather do literally a million other things, than go clothes shopping for me. And then DMS says gently "It's getting cold, Put it on." We could not love you more. Until he leans in and offers to help. And then we love you even more! You are def my tenderoni.

She lamely rushes off because she's going to be late, but is wearing the coat. She confronts Li Zhen and asks her why she didn't tell her that they were going home. Li Zhen claims that she doesn't remember and had too much to drink. Li Zhen said that Shancai looked like she was having a good time so she left.

PSA for GNO. Always have a designated driver. Always make sure everyone gets home safely. Never let anyone go home with a stranger, and remember it's equal opportunity for both girls and guys to take advantage of you in a vulnerable situation. Be the bigger person, scrape that girl off the disgusting bathroom floor, grab some water for her and take the 5-10 min to make sure she's ok. Her mother and your conscience will thank you for it.

Guilt doesn't not look good on you Li Zhen and beware, karma is a bigger beyatch than Shancai's frenemies x 10. And then Thomas who is as attractive-as-his-Chinese-accent-is-accurate says he's on campus and wants to meet. Shancai it's just really not your day, but hey, at least you have a beautiful, new coat. Wow are my fingers tired. How's your forehead Shancai?


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