Who are V. and Y.?

Let's just say that we've been friends for almost as long as Dylan Wang (Daoming Si, or Ah-Si, or pineapple head, or DMS for short) has been alive.  Our moms could have been friends, or maybe we're old enough to be Daoming Si's mom. Either way...we're not telling.

Maybe we should be hanging out with Terence, but we don't want to. We want to hang with you, and others who are also Ah-Si-Aholics.  That's right. 

Hi, my name is Y. and I'm an Ah-Si-Aholic.

Hi, my name is V. and I'm an Ah-Si-Aholic, and sometimes a Lei-Aholic too.  I can't decide.

We welcome you to our blog, where we will share our commentaries, our reactions, interactions with friends, and our deep thoughts on all things related to Meteor Garden. (BTW we're Asian American, and we'll have a response for "How Asian Are We" for another post.)

We want to know if you agree, disagree, or just think we're crazy...so come on, don't make us kick you in the face. 

Let's watch this together.


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