Meteor Garden Episode 2: The Fashion Outtakes

Loving Lei's outfit here when they are mummifying a knocked out DMS.

It's a three-button collar! (Psy from Gangnam style anyone?)

Meizuo's outfit, not so much.

Speaking of Meizuo, WTF is happening here? Why does it look like you took a sharpie to your pink shirt and wrote random English phrases on it?! "Deep Dick", "Crazy", "Feel It", "Weed", "Wow Hart" "Boucau is my Brother", "SKU"?!?! Nothing about this shirt is okay.
I don't mind DMS's fake out backpack strap sweater or even Lei's green one that moths have demolished which is very Current Elliott Fall 2018.

But Lei, no, not this time.

Reunited with Jing! Another classic Lei look. Interesting pant choice for DMS, but he makes it work. It's a little Milli Vanilli meets Joan Miro and Milli Vanilli lost. And Meizuo... while I appreciate the art of draping, this does not work. I think even Helmut Lang would agree. At least he's wearing skinny jeans, even though we're still wondering about his arms. 


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