Crash Landing...The Impact

The finale is over and I'm not sure I've fully recovered from the last two episodes, but it's given me time to collect the eyeballs I cried out and reflect.

Near term impact:
  • Accelerated purchasing of camouflage items: 
Image result for etienne marcel camo jeans   MOTHER The Four Corners Bomber Jacket  Half Tote / GREEN-CAMO
  • Growing out my hair to be like Se-ri and now masking on the daily (her skin is amazing!)
  • Increased cravings for fried chicken and beer (ok, also on the daily)
7 Korean Fried Chicken Restos to Visit If You're Still Not Over "Crash Landing on You"

Short term impact:
  • What pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses should I get and how am I going to try them on (no stores nearby!?!)
  • Should I try the JENNYHOUSE Airfit makeup that they used on Se-ri?
  • Learning how to sing 'Let Us Go' by Crush. Time to brush up on my karaoke skills.

Long term impact:
  • Who wants to go to Switzerland?  Or once the the coronavirus subsides, Korea with me?
  • Overhauling husband's wardrobe - clothes really do make the man, and a good haircut. (Bottom right is the winner, with top left being a close second.) 
  • This one is major - how do I raise my boys to be like Captain Ri? Kind, thoughtful, strong, passionate, musical, worldly, respectful, tall, have uncompromising integrity and most importantly comes home to mama?
Never going to happen:
  • Learn how to paraglide - my fear of heights will only be conquered if Captain Ri is there to catch me. Other than that, not in this lifetime.
  • Although I appreciate the red Range Rover and Se-Ri looks good in it, I would never cheat on BMW, my ride or die. 
Image result for crash landing and red range rover
  • Look so beautiful crying. I mean not even looking beautiful crying, but Se-Ri even looks beautiful dying.  Not including any spoilers here, but COME ON, she's gorgeous. And how can we not want to comfort Captain Ri when we see him get emo. Never thought a man could look so attractive crying...but he seems to defy logic anyway, which we'll get into later. 
Time to get some fried chicken and beer.


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