Meteor Garden Episode 19: The Fashion Outtakes

Kicking off Episode 19's Fashion Outtakes with this gem from the bowtie brigade. Come on guys, her dress isn't that bad... Meizuo's reaction is my favorite with the deep sigh. Probably because I use it a few times a day myself.

Their outfits are so well suited for each of them. Of course Meizup is in a Grover blue velvet suit with a black lapel and baby blue bow tie. I'm looking for the letters on his sleeve, but not tonight. All eyez on D. Only he can pull this off.... Lei and his muted double breasted jacket and slightly askew bow tie, sticking to dusty rose to match his hair color and Shancai's tinted lips... And Ximen in his plaid ensemble and champagne accent. Personally I liked his look from Jing's birthday ball better, but this is good too.

I mean, hot damn, who could forget this?! I'm glad he's looking away - direct eye contact would be too much. Hubba hubba.

F3 tries to up Shancai's look with some bling with Lei as the ultimate judge. His critique reminds me of my mom. A lot.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Question: WHERE DID THIS JEWELRY COME FROM? Did they raid a jewelry store? Is there a jewelry store in the Daoming mansion? Is it DMZ's? Enquiring minds want to know. And why did you stop with just the necklace? The patent Steve Maddenesque pumps could use a swap out.

Their pants look SO SHORT when they are sitting. LOL!... I do agree that the simple key suits Shancai, but I'm not sure adding just that to the outfit changes it from "meh" to "I come from a rich and respectable family. Bow down."

But you know what will? Chanel Chance. If you smell like money, people will think you come from it.

Kinda makes me want to try... (Product placement at its best).

It's the fragrance.

Don't doubt yourself girl. You've got the key to success and you smell rich. You got this.

Personally I think she looks nice. More elegant than some of THOT (plural)... I'd be super nervous wearing a white dress with all that red wine around...

Seriously, Meizuo is the only guy who can pull off VELVET Grover blue pants!

Hey, there are polka dots on his tie!

I don't know why they are giving Shancai such a hard time. I mean, there are some terrible outfits here. I am not impressed by any of these other dresses. Homegirl in the bottom left corner looks like she's going on vacation to Ibiza in her white off-the-shoulder romper. I guess if you are rich, you can wear whatever you please.

From that vantage, the party is looking a bit sad. There are 13 peeps not including the waiters. And poor Lei is drinking by himself in the back. Why isn't he talking to F2 and F3?

Back to Ibiza... See, give her a straw hat and shades and she's ready to go!

Not sure that is the best color for him - it washes him out a bit. But he's still a cutie kiwi head.

You know what really says I'm rich? A bow tie with big ass jewels. Yep. Like I did Ximen's outfit, I prefer the bling from Jing's birthday ball.

I detested this bag the first time I saw it, but it's starting to grow on me. A clutch would've been better, but I know she needed a place to keep DMS's gift...

DMS's mom is no joke. She is the ultimate Tiger Mom... or more Dragon Dao. And she scares me.

WAIT. That is the front. A full on turtleneck... And this is the back... no sign of a turtleneck. #mindblown

And TWO velvet suits at one party?! What are the chances?

Who wore it best?!

Yes, it's hard when your velvet suit gets upstaged by another.

Is there another message for us on your jacket? "Just have to wait" on one sleeve. Hard to make out the other one. "Can't wait"?

I've missed Ximen's moth-eaten sweaters!

Loving the throwback shot. What a difference straight hair makes! They look like babies!

I love Dragon Dao's sweater here. Doesn't make her any more likable though...

Is height important? Yes, especially when you want to keep something out of her reach.

How does he (the hair!) still look so good the next morning?!

The art of mix and match.

Dragon Dao's amazing coat did not deserve that, but she definitely did! She looks like Cruella...


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