Meteor Garden Episode 10: The Fashion Outtakes

I can't say it any better than Y, so I'll just repost:
ACKKK! Banana bestie got hit with the lace-up fairy stick, as he sports a blue jacket with lace-up sleeves.

I can't even with his outfit. The jacket is bad enough and now you have to wear a big silver B medallion? Didn't your parents ever tell you that A is average and B is below average? B for Banana Bestie? Extra credit for the fuchsia hoodie, but it's still not going to save this outfit.

And in the words of Meizuo:

Ximen's jacket looks like it's made out of paper. I like it... Does Meizuo have a turtleneck in every color of the rainbow? That is begging for its own post, don't you think? He does toughen the look with the leather jacket and the sideburns...

Time for the bridge showdown... In this corner, it's Lei in another beautiful coat and sweater. And Shancai in another knit sweater that I wore when I was five.
Evil twin sweater, indeed. This is so awkward, YES, the sweater is awkward.

In the other corner, we have F3: DMS looking like a winner as usual in his black and red camo sweater and go-to black jacket... Damn, Meizuo, those are some wide-legged pants. I like the mustard yellow turtleneck with olive green bomber pairing though!

Who knew it had a split-screen back?

And Ximen. You are looking HOT in this outfit. Check out that authoritative stance with his arms crossed, in the plaid coat, the oversized button up, varsity sweater, and black boots. The dramatic view point, like it's behind bars. YES.

Meizuo taking fashion cues from the lampshade?
Such a color-coordinated bunch. Even the champagne matches.

Looks like that amazing lighting has been following Lei around since he was a toddler... And look at Jing's pretty white dress! Even as an adult, I'd have trouble keeping it so pristine for so long. And Lei sitting on the grass in his white pants. At a park, no less.

Baby Lei and Baby Si. Even at a young age, both had a clear sense of their fashion identities. Lei in his grandpa cardigan and soft colors. How'd they get his hair so textured? Perm? Curlers? Beach Spray...? Then there's DMS in his mini bad-ass leather jacket, matching shorts, and pony tail. Let's not forget that fashion starts early, people.

The sloth sweatshirt is back. We haven't seen this since her first date with Si that ended up in an elevator. Is this her way of telling him that Lei doesn't like me and that I'm back on the market? She did her makeup today too...hmm, she should have worn the white coat. 

DMS looks so cute here! Love the white collared shirt under the sweater. Always a winner. I'm going to run by and steal everything on that coat rack...

He's joined by Lei in my fave seafoam green sweater, Meizuo in another turtleneck, so white that he's matching the lights again, and plum pants (don't tell me that's his matching purple jacket that I just swiped from the coat rack...), and Ximen in another one of my shirt dresses, under the cream version of that blue V neck. Maybe it's reversible?

Really, I love this sweater so much. Boys should wear collared shirts under sweaters more often. It's such a good look.


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