Meteor Garden Episode 11: The Fashion Outtakes

DMS doesn't look as fierce with his fluffy hair and royal blue house slippers. I cannot say the same for DMZ in her big bird yellow off-the-shoulder sweater, emerald green velvet pants, and heels. It's clear that the DMs are comfortable wearing bright, bold colors, but who wears heels at home?! Especially in a mansion where there's a lot of walking to be done. Daoming Zhuang is one bad ass lady. My guess is that she never knows when she might need to kick-some faces in, and it's much more impactful with heels. Just don't damage the perfect face of that little brother of yours....

Back at school, we see that Shancai is all dolled up again. Really, what gloss is she wearing?! I want.

Can't say the same for her pastel jacket in baby announcement colors though...and what is with the one sideways chest pocket? It doesn't make any fashion or practical sense at all. Lei, what is this amazing green sweater cardigan and why isn't it in my closet?! Actually, I lie, I do have this in my closet... DMS, what is on the back of your coat? An evil eye? A cross between a blue Japanese rising sun meets Lion King musical poster? So fascinating...

Meizuo is in ANOTHER turtleneck, but we like his cobalt blue trench... Meizuo, I LOVE the green coat, but WHAT IS UP WITH THE NECKERCHIEF??? It had it's moment in 2017, but no. Just no. I can't believe I would say take a page out of Meizuo's fashion notebook here, but go with the turtleneck. It's just a better option.  Save the v-neck tee for volleyball.

Upon closer inspection, it IS an evil eye. An Eye of Providence (also known as the Eye of God), to be more specific. It's a human eye, often depicted within a triangle, and surrounded by rays of sunlight. Check it out on the back of a US $1 bill. (You learn something new everyday!) This would explain why DMS seems to be all-seeing and all-knowing...

Now the guys are back at the clubhouse. Why do they still have their coats on? Is the heater broken? Aren't their ankles cold?

Seriously, Qinghe, where do you get all of your Golden State Warriors gear?

Ugh, the TAPOUT bling is back. That reminds me, I have a boxing class next week at Tapout...

Shancai looking like Charlie Brown in her latest sweater. Good grief.

She's pulling a F4 and wearing a collared shirt underneath, but the shirt still can't save this look.

Watch out, Frenemies are around the corner... Loving Xinhui's leather jacket with stripes, but I don't understand Baihe's Pendleton-inspired suit. Looks warm though.

Oh no, it's time to say good bye to DMS and DMZ! He in his coat that looks like it could warm an entire family, and her in power blue and pink Gucci combo. It's what the pastel posse will wear when they grow up... Meizuo, are those laces on your sleeve? I can't tell from here... As usual, I am envious over Ximen and Lei's beautiful coats.

Wait. Those aren't laces on your sleeve, Meizuo. Those are letters. Does it say WHY NOT? WHYYYY???

I guess why not. DMZ is all blinged out for the flight. Can you get through security with those earrings?
I love her MG-inspired bracelet!!! Seriously, who wears that on a flight?! Ballers, that's who.

So fancy.

DMS looks so out of place in his surroundings...
Some questions: 1) DMS - Are you Chinese? Why are you wearing your shoes in the house? 2) And WHY are your feet on the white shearling cover?

And because I LOVE this moment so much... and the coat... we will close with this scene.

He's tooooo cute.


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