Meteor Garden Episode 14: The Fashion Outtakes

Chef chic... except for the flour all over her face. We forgive her because it may help reduce shine. 

Is it me or are Ximen's shirtdresses getting longer and longer? Or are the jackets getting shorter and shorter? If you're going to rock the shirtdress, then you should just go all out and pair it with jeggings. Ximen - you may as well go all the way.

DMZ is ready to tear the house down in her cold shoulder top, as she gives Shancai big ups for her win. The cooking competition is bringing out the muted colors from the Daoming dynasty's wardrobe--love the color!!!

Some advice for the most beautiful alum from Mingde: lace OR feathers, never together. But I do love the off the shoulder look. She's so pretty....

Are those Meizuo's pants?

Yes, that's how I feel about that outfit, and how I feel about the Meizuo's romantic advances towards Caina.

Look at you Shancai in your cute sweater!

It's a little sock monkey inspired, but we like it anyways.  Well done. We'll take it over Charlie Brown, any day of the week.


Is her strategy to guzzle the wine before she can spill any on her sweater? Smart?

Also my reaction to watching her drink...

Glad to see one of my favorite Ximen coats and Meizuo turtlenecks back! Where does Ximen get all of his brooches? Reminds me of my grandma, but he makes it work.

A mini MG moment... This kid is so friggin' cute! That hair though. Does he go to Lei's hairstylist?

Guess we'll see more of you in the next episode...


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