Meteor Garden: Episode 16 - Naked and Afraid

Netflix Synopsis: Ah Si braves the storm in search of Shancai. Despite their wrongdoing, Shancai comes to Xinhui and Baihe's aid when they face expulsion from the lodge.

Now that's a wine cave. What's this? Boba bestie is boozy bestie in Canada. She's being introduced to the complexities of fine wine by Ximen, the sommelier at the chateau. We learn that Meizuo likes aged wine (like his women), Lei likes newer wine, DMS likes malt wine(!), and Ximen likes it all. And is it me, or are those really big pours?!?!

Meanwhile DMS is playing the video game and is wondering where are his peeps? He comes down the stairs and sees the frenemies about to be served dinner at the table and asks where is Shancai? The silence is not good. Look at them. They reek of guilt.

He runs into Lei who says that he was out looking for her and is surprised that she's not back at the house. Xiaoyou emerges from the wine cellar with  Ximen and Meizuo and they are now quickly piecing together that Shancai is out in the blizzard in vain. Before Lei even finishes explaining the situation to the others, DMS is out the door in a flash. Crazy side eye from Lei.

Side note: How come no one knows who Xiaoyou is? Weren't introductions made when they all arrived?

Cut to Shancai shouting for Xiaoyou in the blizzard. The snow is coming down hard and she struggles in the darkness until she falls in the snow, unable to continue her search. I hope she's not wearing jeans.

Back at the house, the frenemies are trying to explain themselves without making any eye contact, and the uglier one, and I mean uglier in spirit (too), says that she didn't ask Shancai to go out there! OH NO YOU DIDANT! Baihe with the bad hair, you should know better than to mess with Shancai Fierce. With superhero swiftness Lei takes his wine glass and hurls its content at her face.
That's right. You SO deserved that.

It's minus 20 degrees outside and she's been out there for more than 2 hours. Again, Lei says it best when he says that Si better find her or else they are murderers! The frenemies are truly shameless. Xiaoyou blames it on herself, and Ximen tries to console her with an awkward side hug. They all look devastated and Lei goes to call for assistance.

DMS is now trying to find her, and poor thing didn't even have time to grab his gloves! Shancai starts having thoughts about the irony of dying here and what her future should have been like. She's hallucinating and sees a wedding with a man she loves dearly, who looks suspiciously like DMS from behind.  She can't see his face very clearly, but how do you not recognize that hair? No one else has perfect hair like that. It's impossible.

DMS is shouting for Shancai and finds her lying in the snow.  She's barely responsive and he's trying desperately to shake life back into her. He's there now to save her, and there's no way he's going to let her die. He sees a cabin nearby and carries her on his back to shelter.  The cabin seems deserted and he's trying to keep her awake. He takes off his coat and there's a moment when she doesn't say anything, but grabs his hand by instinct when he asks her to wait for him for a bit.  He promises her that he would never leave her...and comes back quickly with some firewood.

Not sure where he found dry wood, but I'm hoping that he didn't a get a splinter breaking the twigs with his delicate, gloveless hands. DMS is pleading with Shancai to hang in there, as she doesn't look so good, shivering with her eyes closed.

Lei's engrish is not soo good when he tries to call for help, but A for effort. "My friends are in great danger. You must help them or they will die!" The blizzard is so bad that they can't send anyone out to find them.

Back at the deserted house, Ah Si is trying really hard not to lose his $hit, and you can tell that he's really scared. He's trying to warm her up and find ways to keep her awake. Where's that Star of David necklace when you need it?

You hear Shancai's inner monologue and she's processing the fact that she'd be dead if it weren't for him. She's not one for romance, but is a little bit enlightened as she admits to having a weird feeling that despite not knowing whether they could survive the night, that it all doesn't matter now, and with DMS beside her, her heart is warm.

Back at the chateau, Xiaoyou wants to go out to search for Shancai, and Ximen and Meizuo quickly follow suit. Not a word from the frenemies. Only Lei recommends that they stay put and have faith in Ah Si. After all, he's no ordinary human. But we know this already.  Meizuo says he's an "animal with passion". So maybe not a vampire, but a werewolf?

Shancai is all bundled up and is able to sit up and speak to Ah Si. She can't feel anything and this leads DMS to his last resort. He abruptly gets up and off with his turtleneck and out with his micro-abs!

He tells her to undress as well.  It's not that unusual of a response for Shancai to ask him if he's human. But we just covered that already.

He's thinking that he could warm her up with his skinny body. That's sweet. Shancai's clothes are wet, and wearing them will only make her colder. True. He can't save her, if she really is this stubborn. Also true.

She doesn't want him to look and asks him to turn around. He's sitting on the ground, panting and freezing. I don't know why there's snow on his skin - are there holes in the roof? As soon as she takes her sweater off, he reaches over and pulls her close. The hypothermia must be settling in, because she tells him not to touch her... This is not a freaky moment Shancai. Chill (I couldn't resist).  He pulls her close, and Shancai can't think of anything more embarrassing than being half-naked and hugging DMS. Wow - she must have had a really sheltered childhood.

Why she didn't take cold, wet jeans off? No wonder you were so cold.

They made it through the night and are woken up by two rescue workers. It could have been way more awkward than this. It's sweet that DMS wants her to promise to stop doing things that worry him. She promises. And I mean who can deny the skinny boy with the BEST bed head ever!

They're dressed and he's carrying her on his back out of the house.  Not sure why she can't walk...but as long as she doesn't pee on his back, I guess he's ok with it, even though he does complain that she's heavy.

They're back at the chateau and the others are so glad to see them. Not even a blizzard can stop DMS from being boss, although that fur collar makes him look a little less fierce than normal.  It is very Euro-chic, vs the Cookie Monster Blue Roc-A-Fella worthy track jacket that Meizuo is rockin.

The frenemies are about to witness the wrath of DMS, and even Lei says a few harsh words. DMS wants to kick them out, and the frenemies are begging Shancai for forgiveness.  This is when we realize that she did hurt her foot, and that Shancai really is a better person than most of us who would have kicked those biatches to the cold, cold, curb. And made sure they're wearing jeans. Her form of punishment is to have them clean the  house.

WTF. That's like my tomorrow morning, and the day after that, and I didn't almost kill anyone by lying and risking their life in the blizzard.

Excellent idea, Ximen. I would have recommended soup, tea or Ballentine, but wine works too.

F3 want the details on how they survived, and Meizuo calls it. Fashion forward and a foreseer, that one. Ximen and Meizuo play this out and Shancai and DMS red-faced and embarrassed bail and hit the showers.

And my favorite...

Boozey bestie gives Shancai the deets on all the drama at the chateau when she went missing and she goes to find Lei to thank him. This is when she starts referring to herself as the undying, unfaltering weed. They have their ShanLei friendship moment, and all is good.

It's the evening and DMS has changed from his euro-chic ensemble to his black I-don't-give-a-F jacket. We like it. And the red lining perfectly matches the red scarf that Shancai is wearing on the deck. Now that no one is around, DMS asks her if she has anything to say.  She says no, and she presses him to say what he wants to her to say...nice move.  He just called himself her savior, so you hope Shancai figures this out.

I guess she thinks that he's fishing for a thank you, so she says that...but he's hoping for more. That's when she realized that she still owes him money, and also tells him her plan to pay him back. Nobody, especially DMS, is interested in her repayment plan.

The fireworks start lighting up the sky and even though he seems amused that she's giddy with excitement, he does ask her if she's honestly dumb, or if she's pretending to be dumb. That is a legit question. I kind of love that she doesn't acknowledge that comment and just plays if off with "hey it's the new year, why are you yelling at me" Fair point and answer to his legit question.

With the fireworks appropriately exploding in the background, DMS just explodes with affection. I struggle with this moment, because he literally says that he likes her in Chinese, but the English subtitles says "I love you." Ummm, that's a big difference here. LIKE and LOVE are not the same.  It's a bummer that this moment is a little ruined by this dissonance.

She's happy, but we're not really sure that she heard him either. She smiles and yells back Happy New Year, meanwhile he's got the biggest smiley emoji on his face right now, giving himself props for saying it! He's pumped, literally mid-waist fist pumps are happening. The best part is when he's screaming with excitement/relief and pushes Shancai down with F4 fervor.

Cheers all around in the house to ring in the new year, and an extra toast for Lei's winter wardrobe.

Back to reality in Shancai, and Mama and Papa Dong want to hear about the trip from Shancai. We get clear messaging from Mama Dong that kissing and hugging is ok, but merging is not.

F3 want to hear the deets from DMS about what really happened out there, and in true gentleman fashion, he does not kiss and tell, but that was easy because there was no kissing, and not much to tell. He is still still glowing from his emotion explosion and thinks back about how awesome it was to tell her that he likes/loves her.  The translation/dubbing is really killing me here.  But we're happy that he's happy.


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