Meteor Garden Episode 18: The Fashion Outtakes

Dear Mr. Bad Guy: I may hate you for beating DMS up, but I love your snuggly jean jacket. Gotta stay warm in that cold warehouse where you are holding poor Shancai hostage.

"Fall asleep with a dream. Wake up with a purpose." Didn't think you'd wake up and end up in this situation today, did ya?

Back at Mingde, F3 is breaking out the primary colors. I am loving Ximen's green coat and even Meizuo's pink and raspberry outfit! I think he put his jacket in Ximen's dryer.

Oh Ximen, is this true? *Wink*

Banana Bestie, as much as I love the Golden State Warriors, why are you always in this outfit? I think you should ask for a F4 makeover. At least there are no laces.

DMS is so bad ass that he doesn't even need to take his coat off when he's getting his ass whooped... It should be a crime to hurt that beautiful coat. Oh yeah, as well as hold hostages and beat people up.

The outfit just isn't the same without the coat though. And the pineapple hair... Shancai flopping around on the sand behind him cracks me up.

Lei is taking layering to the next level here... And why does Meizuo look so big in that chair?! Speaking of furniture, this hospital looks like it was brought to you by Ikea...

Can you teach me how to tie my scarf like that? Looks so warm and snuggly!

I can honestly say that this is the first time I've seen someone wear a button up shirt UNDER a turtleneck. Such a trendsetter, this one...

Does the hospital provide these matchy matchy pajamas? So much better than the flimsy open back ones we have here in the US.

Ugh. Big Ears. Go away. Don't you have any other clothes?

Back at the man cave, DMS is looking fierce in his new AJs.

The back! Whaaaat?! Who knew there was a party back there?! The ombre arrows, the candy cane striped sleeves...Ximen and Meizuo are taking it all in.

Once again, taking layering to new heights. I love love love the chenille on top! Not Lei's hair, but his cardi.

Doodles vs. ladybugs?

Lei looks like he's rocking a bathrobe from the back. And wow, his pants are really short.


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