How Asian am I? --Y.

I feel like this might be a controversial post, but it's Friday night, the kids are in bed and that glass of Pinot Noir I had at California Pizza Kitchen is giving me courage to put this out there.

So how Asian am I?  I'll let you be the judge based on these statements.
  • I was born in CA from parents who immigrated here from Taiwan and consider myself Chinese-American. 
  • Was pre-med for 2 years in college - shocking.
  • I respond to my parents in Chinglish when they speak to me in Chinese, and I make my kids go to Chinese school. 
  • I've dated non-Asians, and married someone who is half Japanese-American, and half Chinese-American. I'm pretty sure I made the first move. 
  • I don't go out of my way to find a Boba milk tea place, but I will eat chicken feet at dim sum. I rarely take pictures of my food.
  • I never played team sports, but played piano for 14 years and make my kids take piano/guitar lessons. They also do team sports--my husband's influence.
  • I have a few Chinese songs in my karaoke repertoire, but I'm not a mic hog. 
  • I have a nice collection of designer handbags, and you better get out of my way if there's a good sale rack.
  • I don't use a cell phone ring holder, or have a selfie stick, because I don't take selfies. 
  • I have non-surgical double eye-lids, I weigh over 100 lbs, I'm probably considered tall, relative to my other Asian friends, and Daoming Si and I have matching torsos, an unfortunate consequence of nursing 3 babies.


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