Meteor Garden Episode 2: Short Version

The episode starts with 2 corresponding selfies: 1) one of Shancai - for an innocent looking girl who just kicked someone in the face, she seems rather pleased with herself and took a requisite selfie. 2) one of F4 with DMS wrapped in toilet paper - this is first of boy immaturities that continue to play out.

Somehow that act of violence has made Shancai very popular and her stubborn attitude against DMS is revealed. This is the also the episode in which Lei's musical talents are displayed, which really is his superpower that even Shancai can't resist. Or is it his light fluffy hair, reminiscent of a freshly washed maltese puppy that we can't resist? She tried to return the burberry heart hankerchief to Lei who says "Keep it. I don't usually take back what I've given away." - First of many deep thoughts.  The gentle aloofness of Lei is compelling in its own slightly awkward way.

You see Shancai get kidnapped by a glam squad, which is then later revealed to be the doing of DMS.  My feet ache when I watch her walk in her tall nude heels, but hey, her makeup looks nice. This is when you start to fall in love with DMS's glare, and you start picking up on either how intuitive he is, or crazy jealous he is when he asks Shancai straight up if she likes Lei, and proceeds to tell her that she can't like him.

DMS says things like "you know what? if you listen to me, I'll let you be my girlfriend" and goes on to describe the benefits of being his girlfriend. She's offended, and he of course insists that there's nothing in this world that he can't have.  Like a self-respecting girl who is tired of standing in heels, she slow-mo hurls her heels at him and goes home- to then day dream about Lei.

Top Shancai quotes:
  • "You can't have me, even you if you give me everything in this world."
  • "who do you think you are? I don't give give a damn"
  • "what you said is as stupid as your pineapple head. "

Hmm - I wouldn't mind if he brought me snacks to school, but to be only be within 1 meter of him - that seems very {X}.

The arrogance of DMS proclaiming to his friends about how infatuated Shancai is about him is incredible.  And his suggestion of hiding in the girls' bathroom and dressing up as ghosts seems immature for a 4th grader.  He has equally sophisticated ideas, but the best part is how his friends chide him for being so lame.

There's always serious talk at the tea shop, and her best friend gets the deets from Shancai about her interest in Lei, who comes into the tea shop with Mr. Harry Potter. Shancai is starstruck when Lei orders 2 drinks and you see the slight touching of hands when he takes the tea from her, and the blushing goes into overtime.

Shancai goes to the rooftop to find Lei and sees world map drawn on the wall with two marked locations. Lei approaches her and identifies that one location is Shanhai and the other is Paris and also comments to Shancai about how strange she is. Her frenemies tell her that Lei is in love with Jing, who is coming back from France. Always the buzz kill  - these beatches. You see Lei admire Jing from a Chanel ad on a bus stop, but then tells Shancai how cute she is and kisses her on the cheek. WTF- this seems like such a manipulative girly thing to do. That Lei - playing mind games like Gossip Girl and you can almost imagine hearing Chris Isaak's Wicked Games playing in the background.

You see Shancai fixated on that moment, and DMS's confidence shatter when she walks right past him lost in her thoughts.  She asks him what happened to his pineapple. He claims that he wanted to change his hairstyle on his own.  It's very cute when he claims to be "Dashing" no matter what his hair is like because of his incredible face- TRUTH (until you see instagram photos of him in real life sport'n the Jeremy Lin dreads and then you just want to seriously shake some sense into him), and then Shancai says that "Dashing refers to being a gentlemen" which she says he is cleary not.  But what is really cute is how happy he is to hear that Jing is back.

Slow-mo of Jing walking through the halls with incredible hair and matching F4 blazer. She hugs Lei last, which is interesting that she walks towards him - and he doesn't move at all, and there's a long lag before he hugs her back.  Seems like they haven't seen each other in 3 years, and you learn that Si has a sister that he's close to. F2 (not Lei) joke that DMS like Shancai and things get awkward when Lei gets upset about the "vulgar" photos he claims she took. We are to assume that these are her modeling photos?  Yes - one usually associates Chanel ads with vulgarity (puh-lease, it's not Gucci) and at least you get a sense of how protective Lei is about people he cares about.

DMS comes looking for Shancai again and he wants her to come - and she says she has important things to do (like having lunch with her male banana bestie)- and says he wouldn't understand.  DMS plants a banana peel for the banana bestie to slip on, and he also receives a joker card.

She confronts DMS to stop picking on him and then it becomes public social knowledge that both Shancai and Banana bestie received joker cards and are too intimidated to play. That of course won't go over well.  The tension mounts at school and DMS's glare becomes that much more attractive.

There's an incidence in the cafeteria and Shancai doesn't understand why DMS continues to pick on her and her friends. He makes fun of her and taunts her to hit him when she's on the ground. Lei comes over and helps her out. This of course evokes the attention of both Jing and DMS. Lei tells DMS to stop it, and DMS says, if you're my friend you will let go. Shancai is in the middle and DMS lets go and falls into Lei. DMS throws the gauntlet and says "if you leave with her, don't talk to me ever again." Tense music plays, Lei and Shancai walk out hand in hand - or more like he drags her out -  and DMS's brow twitches in disbelief.


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