Meteor Garden Episode 5: The Fashion Outtakes

We pick up where we left off - Jing's 24th birthday bash. She and Lei are waltzing in front of Shanghai elite and random Caucasians. He in his angelic white suit and she in her "I can see your fancy drawers" dress.

Is it me, or does her hair look a little off? Like she's wearing a Bump It or a bad wig? My stylist would be so fired after I see my pictures! Nice eye makeup this time.
She has a thank you speech. That's nice.
Oh my. Things have taken a turn... She is turning down inheriting the company business to instead join Lawyers Without Borders and help the poor. And because that isn't enough of a shocker, she decides to punctuate the announcement by cutting her hair off (with scissors that are conveniently right next to the cake). Because nothing says I am renouncing worldly pleasures and devoting my life to help the poor by cutting off 3-4 inches of hair. That doesn't even meet Locks of Love criteria.

This chick is thinking, Gurl, what you doing?!!

"You people is crazy".

This does explain the weird looking hair... Wait... Tonya Harding, is that you? How do you know Jing?

As we pan the room, we see that the Pastel Posse is actually on trend. Look at all the baby blue and hints of pink!
Oh, but what is this? The words "lace-up" and "sequins" should NEVER be in a sentence together.

Party is over and we are back at school. DMS has another sweater from what looks like the same designer as my future "bad ass" holiday sweater. That thing must weigh a ton.
Shancai, can your outfits be any less flattering? I think Structure from the Limited Brands in the '80s went big on this color, with a touch stripes a la Bert & Ernie for this cardigan piece. I'm not sure I'd take my fashion cues from Jing though - I don't mind the top (minus the impractical bow sleeves), but those pants are awful.
 Just thinking about the frumpiness of it all makes everyone sad. Including Chalk Jing.
Random Musings: How does his sweater stay put while he's upside down? And did he bring this sweater to his hair colorist for shade matching?

Jing's going back to Paris. Let's see her off at the airport, shall we? What's everyone wearing?
  • Meizuo: He is not letting go of that turtleneck. Paired with an oversized varsity sweater, with SINCE in giant letters underneath some animal. I don't get it. This sweater looks good SINCE when? He looks more like a 5 year old instead of Dirk Diggler. I don't know what is better.
  • Ximen: His sweet spot is definitely no HP glasses and a suit. Regular Ximen is meh.
  • Shancai: She should be playing with 5 year old Meizuo in the sandbox.
  • DMS: I don't know why, but I really like this sweater on him. Maybe because he was so playful at the airport, or what he says to Shancai as they watch the planes take off, regardless, I like it. Maybe because it's bright, bold, aggressive, and full of contrasts, just like his personality. And is he man enough to pull off wearing layered chains? We think so. Meizuo should take some notes.

Maybe not. Although maybe Lei was inspired to draw Chalk Jing from this jacket. That eye, those lips do look familiar.

Uh-oh, it's time for the Bridge faceoff! BTW, I would totally rock this dude's look. Meemaw sweater, not the bowl cut.
I can't help but think Meizuo's outfit would look better without his size XL baggy pants, but I'm not sure if that Mondrian shirt can stand on its own either. And nothing says Bridge Player Extraordinaire like a red turtleneck, purple velvet hood, and black leather accents. Well played, DMS. Well played.
 And this! Back in purple! When I find something J'adore, I buy it in all colors too!


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