Meteor Garden Episode 8: The Fashion Outtakes

We haven't seen the pink moth-destroyed sweater since Episode 4! Glad to see it back in rotation.

What's the rest of the gang wearing?
  • Shancai: As usual, her outfit is not worth mentioning. Girl, when are you going to step it up?
  • DMS: What is this fabulous caped coat you are sporting? The hair, the Banksy-ish D&G sweater, the ripped jeans, YES. First I want your coat, actually all of them, and now I want these pants. 
  • Meizuo: Okay, I think he might be the only one who can pull off orange pants. Go SF Giants! It may be a bit premature, since I can't really see the rest of your outfit, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
  • Ximen: Can I borrow your shirt to wear as a dress? I mean, you have so many of these, I don't think you'll miss one.
  • Lei: Welcome back! You are truly my style spirit animal. I too, am always rocking the long meemaw sweaters, rolled up pants, with my white sneaks. We need to go shopping together, or you need to get out of my closet. 

Wait... Meizuo...? That looks like caution tape from here, but once again, giving you the benefit of the doubt. BIG doubt, btw.

Speaking of Shancai: LOOK it's ANOTHER lace-up top! I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan.

See, doesn't his top look Banksy-ish?

Meizuo, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but I'm taking it back because that IS caution tape on your clothes. However, the environmentalist in me does appreciate the water conservation message. Do you get to customize what cause to support? Or does everyone get the "save water" one?

If there's something I dislike more than lace-up clothing, it may have to be the cutout turtleneck/choker collar. And, Kiki.

I believe DMS feels the same.

Back to the cutout turtlenecks - Xinhui has one too!

Side Note: I don't like the neck cutout, but I'm all for the one cold-shoulder turtleneck - the practical side of me doesn't want to catch cold because my neck is exposed, but a little shoulder never hurt anyone...

Doesn't that second girl above remind you of Jing?

Will need this in my holiday sweater rotation as well. Who doesn't want llamas all over? I think it's the same sweater from Episode 4, just a little color change. Why mess with a good thing?

Sorry, got distracted and bought the Jing cold shoulder sweater...

I don't know how, or why, but he's the only guy - gay or straight that can pull off these shades. Brilliant.

Love the contrast of the boucle and leather. Just like DMS - cuddly and bad-ass.

Vacation time means shorts, tees, and flip flops. Unless you are Meizuo to whom it means the baggier the better. Oversized shirt and palazzo pants. I'm thinking he likes some breathing room, if you know what I mean... I do like his color palette though... Ugh, Kiki is here again.

Meizuo feels the same.

Can someone explain what they are doing with their fingers? Is this the new peace sign? Should I be doing this in my selfies?

No fashion commentary here, but how cute is Daoming Si here?!

It's flashback time! Let's check out what Lei and Jing (Leing? Jei?) were up to in Paris... Soft and cuddly sweaters, of course. How adorable is he and his dimple?!

His moth-eaten sweater makes a comeback too. Oh look, there's an opening in case your right arm needs some air!... I thought Jing renounced her wealth and status to save the world? Who says you can't help the poor while wearing a bag that would probably feed them for a year? Priorities.

This is most definitely a lounge around at home, peek out the window, and bask in my angelic lighting kind of outfit... Or a hulk moment outfit, where you flexed so hard, you ripped the sweater. I'm guessing the former.

That makes me sad, too.

Back to present day! They look like little kids in their t-shirts. So cute.

Lesson: Shades CAN clash with your hair and skin tone, i.e. Lei below.

Take a page from DMS's book - contrast.

How can you be sad when you are wearing a sweater that looks OH SO SOFT?!?! I bet that chenille feels like a newborn's foot.

What do you wear when you catch your best friend macking on your girlfriend? A Saint Laurent tee and a silk bomber, of course! Does he keep something in that breast pocket?

Aww, these two are color coordinating! Love Ximen's ombre shirt and this might be one of my favorite Meizuo looks so far! Can they please go shopping with Shancai?

I mean, who can rock jade green shades like those?!

Maybe Edna Mode when she's feeling especially FIESTY.

Does Mr. Liu ever get tired of wearing his sleeveless butler outfit? If you can see the breath coming out of your mouth at home, the least you can do is let him wear a jacket with sleeves.

I too, am exhausted from all of this amazing fashion in Episode 8. Let's watch Episode 9, shall we?


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