Meteor Garden, what have you done to me? -- V.

I was never one for sappy teen romances. Not now, not even when I was a teenager myself.

Dawson's Creek? Snooze. Twilight? I'd probably laugh if someone said any of those cheesy lines to me. Vampire Diaries? Is that an updated version of Twilight? No thanks. One Tree Hill? Nope. You get my drift.

Don't get me wrong, I spend countless hours binging when I should be working on other things - my business plan, running errands, cleaning the apartment, dating, just getting shit done... But when I find a show that's good, I am COMMITTED.

Breaking Bad was one of the first - I think I lost a good 2-3 weeks of my life watching all 5 seasons... Mad Men, with it's 7 seasons, kept me pre-occupied for about a month... Stranger Things, a few days... Orange is the New Black, The Crown, Black Mirror... I even lost 2 good weeks watching the 46 episodes of Terrace House Boys & Girls in the City. (I still don't know why...) If I were able to channel this type of commitment into other areas of my life, imagine how much I'd get accomplished...

So imagine my surprise when Meteor Garden came along. WTF is this show about? Where did they find so many tall Asian boys? Why am I suddenly swooning? Crying? Squealing with delight at the TV? I watched 23 episodes in one weekend and COULD NOT STOP. Plans to watch one or two episodes a night quickly turned to 3 or 4. I'm not a mom, so this singleton still requires 9-10 hours a sleep per night... The next morning, I'd roll in to work later than usual, bags under puffy eyes, pretty much useless for the rest of the day. I found out that other friends were just as obsessed. I introduced new friends to the show. My days were filled with group texts, Meteor Garden songs, and Google Searches on Dylan Wang.

Meteor Garden, what have you done to me?

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