BREAKING NEWS: Captain Ri Has Crashed Onto AWA

Hey Hyun Bin. We've been waiting for you.

You've brought us back just in time for Valentine's Day. AWA had a challenging last year with sad endings, challenging new beginnings and lots of real drama but Ri-Jeong-Hyuk has lifted the fog with Captain Ri's (or RiRi? Can't decide...) broad shoulders, incredible dimples, humble thoughtfulness, fierce commitment to loving Se-Ri, and keeping her safe has us watching...VERY closely to the TV. Not to mention the intense hugging. I mean, he's over 6 ft tall, plays piano, makes noodles, hand roasts coffee, kicks thug ass, talks to plants, speaks three languages, and buys scented candles...the list goes on. Our Chinese moms would definitely approve.

We love Se-Ri too, but it's not the same. I'm sure you understand.  We will be watching, and we hope you join us.

Hey Hyun Bin. We're coming.


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